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Smoked Tri Tip Roast

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Decided to do a tri tip roast in the smoker this weekend.  Went to Albertsons on Saturday and got a 3.5 lb roast.  Prepped Saturday night by rubbing it with olive oil and hitting it with Stubb's beef rub.  I also trimmed off the fat cap underneath (left just a little on)...


So I get the prep done (I was quite liberal with the rub), put a lid on the pan and toss it in the fridge overnight.


Moving on to the next day, I get my smoker up to about 225 and put the meat in around 1:30pm, along with some hickory chunks.  I think I kept it between 220 and 232 most of the time.  Waiting is almost as fun as eating...



 I pulled the roast at 138 IT (next time I'll try 130-135) after about 2 hours... maybe 2 hours 15 min...


After pulling it I foiled it up on the counter for about 45 minutes (I need to work on my timing for dinner!) and sliced that puppy up...


I love me some tri tip and it's super easy on the smoker.  This was served with maple bacon green beans (wife) and Bob Evan's mashed potatoes (YUM).  I think a 8-10 lb brisket is on tap for 4th of July.  Thanks for reading and happy smoking!

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Very good , Tadpole . I know it was good by the look of it , on the up side of Med. Rare , nice.


Being from Ca. , you do a lot of Tri - tip , right :icon_question:


Keep your liking for the wait , the Bisky will test you , be patient .


Will you wrap , or go 'Naked' :icon_question: Are you even interested in the 'no foil' ? If you like lots of 'Bark' , try it , but keep Patient , it will be a  marathon of fun...


Take it all the way and don't 'wus' out . :ROTF


And whatever you do , have fun and . . .

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Tasty looking Tri tip, nice smoke!
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That's a mighty pretty lookin hunk of beef...very nicely done! icon14.gif

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well me some thinks I'd pull at about 120-125, then wrap & rest for 30 minutes or so.....I def prefer TT on the 'rare' side of MR...but that's me.....the other half is a semi-cannibal too so it works....Willie

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Nice looking smoke!icon14.gif
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Nice Job, Looks Great



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Good job Tadpole. TT is an excellent meat for getting that nice smoky flavor in a super quick time with yummy results. We've smoked many lately. I need to buy a darn slicing knife though (wait, perfect Father's Day gift!)



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Thanks to Bryce, and others on SMF - I smoked my first tri tip roast. It was a 3 and 1/2 pound pre-seasonedtri tip, so all I had to do was watch golf and let it smoke. I use a 40!in Bluetooth MES, smoked at a low temp 180 for 4 hrs and then finished it off on our grill to 143 IT, then wrapped it for 25 min.


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Nice job Dennis, that looks awesome! Tri tip is such a nice meat when smoked and we're lucky we can find the cuts pretty easily on the west coast (I know many on here are unable to find them.)


4 hours @ 180 probably put a nice amount of smoke on there. Good idea finishing it up on grill. I'm sure you'll smoke many more TT In the future.




PS, this deserved it's own thread!

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points1.pngNice Job, Looks Great 

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