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2nd batch of Canadian bacon

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Hello again,


I am making a 2nd batch of Canadian bacon. This time it will be from a true pork loin, not a tenderloin. FWIW, the tenderloin attempt was wonderful. True croisant size slices, real mcmuffin sized slices. Awesome

This next batch will be brined, then batch 3 will be dry cured. Batch #2 recipe follows:




The brine:


1 gallon water
1 cup Kosher salt
3 tablespoons #1 cure
½ cup maple syrup
½ cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon garlic powder
4 dried bay leaves
1 tbsp dried thyme
1 tbsp whole black peppercorn


The plan:


4.88 pounds of loin, cut into 4 pieces. Trim fat/silverskin

Apx 4.5 pounds of loin

Place in brine, dinner plates to keep loin submerged

Leave in brine 5 days, swirling around daily

Remove from brine on 5th day

Place in fridge overnight, uncovered to form pellicle

next day in smoker.
100 degrees for an hour
120 degrees, start smoke daddy smoke incense, 1 hour
130 degrees for 1 hour
Bump temp up to 200 until internal temp of CB is 152-ish


7 June:


Loin in brine, here we go

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Took the loins out of the brine today and rinsed them well. The brine smelled wonderful. In the fridge overnight, uncovered

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BD, I'm in ,hope your CB comes out well !

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CB is done, and placed in fridge for overnight rest. I'll be slicing, vac sealing, and freezing tomorrow. I used a pecan/applewood smoke mix in the smoke incense. It smoked well for 2 hours.


Internal temp was 152 degrees. Most importantly, it tasted great. Next batch will be cured with Bears dry cure . I also just bought a 17 pound pork belly to learn how to make regular bacon



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Looks Mighty Tasty to me, but of course I'm Easy!!:drool


Be back for slices pics.





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Pulls a chair up side of Bears



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Loving my smoker, my slicer, and my vacuum sealer. Next batch will start soon. I've made a trading buddy that owns a butcher shop in Anderson, SC. He said he would trade some back bacon for some of my CB. I'm down with that. Whatever it takes to learn.


A shout out to those on this forum that are putting up with my neophyte questions. Many thanks



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Nice work on the CB! I really need to make some on of these days!
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I made breakfast for the parents this morning and cooked some of this batch. Oh my it was even better after mellowing some more in the vac pack


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Dave that looks great,bet the parents enjoyed that.




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BD, well done ! :points:

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Looks Great Dave!!:drool


Betting you were the Breakfast Hero!!!:first:


Nice Job!Thumbs Up-----------------:points:




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Brewer looks great nice job - save me some LOL


Nice dish!! I will have to try it



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