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Seems like everyone is doing pastrami now days. I started this a week and a half ago.
Pic of one or the flats I made pastrami out of.
Spice brine. Little kosher salt, pepper, coriander, red chill flakes, brown suger, water, mustard seed.

Meat in the brine vac sealed, thrown in fridge for 7 days. I pulled out of the fridge risened off the meat and rubbed dowm with a spice blend. Sorry i didnt get a pic.
Use a hickory and apple wood blend and smoked till internal temp hit 150. Placed in foil pan covered and stramed till internal temp hit 200. Here is the end result.

Had to try it. Lol after a taste test grabbed the meat slicer cut it thin and vac sealed.
Hope you all enjoy.
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Coming up soon on my list - looks good!

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Thank you! It was a fun process. I enjoyed it I think I'll do a few more.
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Nothing better than homemade :icon_exclaim:


Glad you enjoyed it , lets see more . ..:yahoo:

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