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Pork loin liquid base

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So I'm smoking a bunch of pork loins for a large group.  After I slice I will place in a roaster for serving.  My question to the group is, what does everyone use for their liquid or juice in the roaster so the meat doesn't dry out??  I don't want to take away from the smokiness of the meat though!





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I might be too late for the party, but vegetable broth would do it justice. Chicken broth, not so much...beef, don't think I'd try that route.


Just remember, the temperature of your broth can continue cooking the loin, so if you want 140 or 145* finished temp, then your broth can't go above your desired finished temp or it will over-cook the loin. Roaster ovens are a bit of a PITA for reheating or holding food at temp because most everyone of them i know of heats from the sides instead the bottom. It can create a difficult situation, unless a lot of liquid is present.


BTW, folks think that if meat is swimming in liquid that it won't dry out internally. As long as temperatures are carefully controlled and maintained at no higher than your desired finished temp (never hold hot foods below 140*F for us back-yarders, or 135*F per US Food Code), then, the meat will not dry out. Temps are everything.




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Eric is on spot. But as he said , we're most likely late for the show...


Hope it worked out  and you had a good gathering.


Have fun and . . .

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