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Cabela's brand of pellets?

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Hi all,

Has anyone tried the Cabela's brand of wood smoking pellets?  It looks like they are replacing the Traeger brand with their own in my local store. I will be using them in my A-MAZE-N trays & tube.  


My primary question would be on performance in an A-Maze-N tray or tube and secondly what do you think of the taste/quality of smoke?


The Competition blend (hickory & cherry) and the Pecan & Peach sound interesting, but I don't need a 20# door stopper.  The GF gave me five 20# bags of Traeger that I am still using, so no rush for more, just curious.




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Hi, I was just searching to ask the same thing, though it's been a while since you posted.  I thought the Cabela's apple pellets were good, but I'm using the peach pecan now, and the amount of ash is ridiculous.  There's so much, it leaves a gray tinge on the skin when I smoke a turkey.  So I'm not using them anymore, I'm going to find another brand.  Even the Menard's brand were better, but I don't want to buy a 40lb. bag.  I may try another flavor of Cabela's, but the peach pecan are OUT.

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Thanks for the update on the Cabela's brand of pellets.  The heavy ash sounds like a no go for me.  I still have not tried them and I am overstocked with other brands.  I added to my stock while not remembering what I had in the garage and I got a bag of pure cherry from BBQ Island and pure hickory from Amazon.  I like both so far, but I only use them in the A-Maze-N pellet smokers.  I almost purchased a pellet smoker the other day just to help use up my supply, but I thought I should come on here and other places a do a bit of research first.  Good thing I did.  :icon_idea:

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The Cabela's pellets are manufactured for them by Lumberjack pellets.

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