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Sunday Dinner

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Today i am smoking a whole chicken and a tri tip for Sunday dinner. I am smoking with a large chunk of apple and a couple of smaller ones of hickory i used some simple seasonings for the TT with Weber's Chicago Steak and garlic salt. on the chicken is another commercial rub called applewood rub from McCormick. I suspect the chicken will take about 4 hours and the TT will take about an hour... finished product to follow

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Tri tip was just how we liked it chicken was very moist
Happy smokin

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Very nice , the Tri-Tip was scrumptious looking . The Chicken looked good too . How was the McCormicks rub :icon_question: 


I don't usually use OTC Rubs , but I've heard a lot about these.


Have fun and . . . 

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Thanks, and at my house we like them but I also haven't tried making my own rub from a recipe yet.
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