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Double door commercial freezer

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I had a freezer bite the bullet on me, so I'm converting it into a smoker for a big farm to table dinner im doing In August. Since its a double door, I'm taking the advice of a BBQ bud and making a wall between the doors so I can have two smoking cabinets. I'm also going to set it up to use charcoal baskets.
I spent a little time today gutting it and taking the components off. I hope to bring it home tomorrow to start ripping insulation out.
Do you guys have any other suggestions?
Thanks in advance!
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Nice score!  That is going to be a monster build, and on a short timeline.  Keep posting those pictures of your progress.

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Got the lil beast to the house and getting ready to start gutting it
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Wow that's gonna hold a lot!
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This is going to be a nice build!  I just picked up a triple door Hobart stainless steel fridge that I will be starting on in the next couple weeks.  I am planning to do the same thing and make 3 different smoking chambers.  Are you going to be using stainless steel to separate your chambers?  Looking forward to seeing the progress and I will be sure to post some pics once I start mine.

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3 door? That will be huge!! I'm going to try and do stainless..if not just sheet metal. I have a friend that has some old equipment I can rob pieces off of. Are you doing reverse flow? Charcoal basket?
Be patient with insulation removal, it isn't too bad once you get a good system down. I'm trying to free the inner cabinet, just about there. [IMG][IMG][IMG]
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Inner cabinet is free and all insulation has been removed!  Can't believe it only took a day...but I was motivated to get beyond the nasty job!!





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Wow your making good progress!  Looks like a messy job but well worth the hard work in the end.  I've been waiting for the right find for a few years to finally build something that will last me hopefully forever.


That's my beast below, headed down to my buddies house to start gutting it out.  He has a double door he picked up so we are going to build them together.  My plan is build 3 separate individual chambers that I will heat with PID controlled electric coils.  A few years back I built a insulated wooden smoker the size of a refrigerator that runs off 2 110v coils controlled by a PID


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Nice score!! can't wait to see the final product 


A full smoker is a happy smoker




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Beast is putting it lightly! That sucker is huge! Are you going to mount it to a trailer?
Rude and crude sketch below is what I'm going to do to mine. No pid, I'm too dang cheap to spend any money on the build.
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Very cool.....



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I haven't decided if I am going to mount to a trailer yet, I'm tossing around the idea of doing smoked meats at festivals and catering events and what not and if I do I probably will mount on a trailer.  It already sits on 6 nice caster wheels so worse case I could just roll up on a trailer and roll off when I get to an event.


I just missed out on another nice double door for $100 right in my home town, hoping the guy is a no show because I'm next on the list and worse case I could use the stainless from that fridge to help me build this one.


How do you plan to fuel yours?  Propane?

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With my luck, there would be mud or thick gravel if I wanted to roll it off a trailer. With that said, I don't know if I'll get mine mounted in time, but I'll smoke through the gears trying!
I'm finding more and more broken coolers and freezers..and have the Hobart service guys keeping an eye out for me as well. Lots of parts and future builds for friends! If you were closer, I'd help you out with parts!
I have a couple coils from ovens, but am planning on just charwood baskets lit by chimney for now.
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Let the fun begin!!
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Good luck with your plans! Hope everything works out for you!

I'll be looking for the Q-view in Aug.

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