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Mystery beef smoke

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Should be an interesting smoke today. I bought a black angus quarter a few months back and I swear the butcher is not a butcher. Any roast they package is labeled a chuck.

It looks to be a bottom round but u could be wrong. Rubbed up with my usual spog and added 2 tablespoons of Ethiopian coffee I ground super fine.

I am a little worried on what we will get but time will tell. Figure it is about 2.5 pounds so planning to smoke in weber kettle at 250 or so for 3 hours. Pull at 135 and pray for the best.

Wish me luck.
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Trying some new lump. Will see how the flavor is over my usual grove. A little apple wood for smoke since that is all I have

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Shown us the finished shots :icon_exclaim:

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Sorry for the delay. Getting the kids to bed and the sweet corn sprayed moved ahead of picture time.

Overall it didn't turn out too bad. I didn't yank it until 145 because I got busy working in the garden and forgot to check the temp sooner.

Pretty darn tender none the less. I could cut it with my fork. I am not sure I buy into this coffee in the rub thing. It tasted good but not sure it enhanced the beef. Added a touch of grit too.

Wife was very impressed with the tenderness and flavor so we will call it a win. I give it a b+
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I pulled out some stuffed jalapeƱos from the freezer that I always forget about and threw some salt and pepper dusted mushrooms on while I let the meat rest. May were those awesome.
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I've been to Africa, didn't like the coffee. And I surely don't want the grounds on my meat.

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Yeah, I think we will probably keep the coffee to morning.
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