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Homer's Cold Smoker

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G'Day all,


I'm only new to this process and this forum.

I thought some of you may be interested in and able to comment on any short comings of my Cold Smoking set-up?


Here are some images of the construction of and the almost finished set-up;

This is an image of the Fire Pit, Smoke Transfer Pipe (STP) and the plinth for the Smoke Cabinet

An image of the now bricked up Fire Pit with the now buried STP, at the top center of it.

The cabinet, during fabrication.

The now lined cabinet, with the access door in place. please note, both the in and out holes at either end of the cabinet (The Coffin)!

The All-Weather 2" Dia stainless steel smoke stack top, clamped up and ready for Tig welding.

A view of the set-up (and a heap of other crap), during it's initial firing.

The Fire Box, with a bag of Weber Hickory chunks and a can of Duff Beer for size comparison. 

An image of the top of the smoke cabinet, showing the All-Weather stack, window and smoke damper control

A view of the open cabinet with the perforated stainless steel shelves in place.

A close up of the perforated shelves and some of the Cake Cooling Racks in place


Any advice on this set-up would be appreciated!




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That's incredible. How's it working?
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G'Day Broncocoach45,


Yes mate, it works well.

Though I did have to add a small 12 Volt booster fan (Flat inline computer type fan), as the smoker is probably to high.

It works just fine in windy weather, as the external smoke stack at the top, draws air across it and pulls smoke through the chamber. 

I was told after I built this, that with Cold Smokers, you are better off to make the cabinet horizontal in design (Hot air/smoke rises, cold air/smoke doesn't rise so much). But the small booster fan, fixed that.




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Would love to see some photos of it in action!
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