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Makes you feel good when everybody loves what you make. I smoke and cook so much the family is used to it.


Here is a funny story for you.


One of my Grandsons best friends, who he spent a fair amount of time at there house, I sent over some ribs, brisket and beans.

Grandson was in the other room with his friend and he heard them call his name loud, (he thought he had done something wrong) When he came 

into where they were they said :WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL US YOUR GRANDPA COULD COOK LIKE THIS" he said never thought about we eat this stuff all the time.



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There's no doubt in my mind Gary!
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I enjoy cooking for others, when I load up the smoker I end up giving most of it away. "But I do keep a little for me"



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Gonna make some of these next weekend Gary ! Gotta chicken I'm gonna put in Pop's brine Wed. nite to go with them ! Can't wait to try them beans ! Thanks again for sharing your recipe !
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Glad to share anything I make or smoke



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Not sure if this has been mentioned, I haven't read this entire thread but I wanted to let everyone know something.

When putting this amazing dish together make sure that you're using COURSE GROUND PEPPER and NOT regular ground pepper.

I really like a heavy dose of pepper, but using regular ground pepper was just a little much for everyone else.

Other than that, as you were.

Blue smoke and crusty skins fellas.
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Yep, That's what I said in the recipe. But glad you brought it up. Just something about course ground that makes it work better. In fact that;s all we use at out house, no one likes that fine ground stuff.



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Another thing that I noticed about these beans, which was learned on Sunday, is that they're absolutely amazing when done one the smoker and only great when they're done in the stove.  I did a 9lb butt and a 7lb rack of ribs and didn't have any room for them on the smoker so I had to do them in the oven and they just weren't the same.


Told the wife that I need a bigger smoker.  She told me that maybe in 10 years when I turn 50 I can get one. :th_violent5:

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Turning 40 seems good enough reason to get one!  Great looking beans Gary, do you ever make them from dry pintos?



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Gary I want to personally thank you for a stellar recipe. I am making them right now and tasting it before it went into the smoker I was in aw. They are delicious.
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