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montor top fridge

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so i know i haven't introduced myself but i have a quick question  i have the option to pick up a ge monitor top fridge .. are they able to be converted into a smoker ?  has it been done?  iv searched but keep coming up short 

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Not sure I have the proper knowledge to help, but I know it's frustrating waiting for a response. After I posted a couple questions, I was looking at the views to replies ratio, and realized tis not too promising.

Other than pulling any plastic, poor insulation and replacing gaskets. Just about any fridge would. I would also wonder if their was any collector value to that fridge.
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I appreciate it. .. and yeahhh Iscrapped the idea being it a monitor top. I'm not going to try to be the first guy lol
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Well... I gave it a try... check it out.


Had the same problems as other Fridge/Freezer Builds - Remove insulation, replace plastic parts and reassemble/straighten door to fit back in right.

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It looks great for a smoker. But, you really messed up a good antique. yahoo.gif
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The good antique ones sell for over $500 and the really good ones at around $1000. :icon_rolleyes:


This one was a "barn find" that had been listed for several months. I felt I over-paid buying it at $250...

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