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Nice Job, Sure looks good



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IMHO it looks like your first grind was smeared. You need to look at the grinder attachment and make sure the blade is sharp and the plate is smooth.  do not stuff with the blade. you should have a star for the meat in the freezer for a 1/2 hr before grinding.. it will help with the smear....You did a great job....Thumbs Up

You'll be making sausages like the pro's with the right equipment....



Thanks. The first grind was great. It was about 90% frozen and it came through perfect. It was so cold that any tiny remaining connective tissue (I hand cleaned the pork and got rid of anything I could see) got cut up and didn't even get caught in the blade. I didn't use the blade to stuff it and allowed it to pass through straight into the stuffing tube after the grind. The blade and plate are new and still very clean and sharp. The problem was when I had to pass it through the stuffer again after I tore the casing when trying to twist the sausages to size. I didn't refreeze the mixture which I should have done. 


I just defrosted a couple for dinner and I split them down the middle and fried them crispy. I like everything extra crispy on the outside and it tastes great that way, a lot better than just out of the smoker but they're still supposed to be fine ground looking on the inside out of the smoker, not emulsified looking.


Practice makes perfect! :)


Thanks again

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Just another vote for stand alone stuffer. I've got a Kitchenaid mixer with the meat grinder attachment. It works GREAT for grinding meat, HORRIBLE for stuffing meat. I got the LEM 5 pounder. I've had no trouble with mine, but LEM's customer service is APPALING. "Add more water"..... PISHTOSH!!!!!
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I am not a heavy duty user. But when I decided to start making sausage and curing meat. I bought all stand alone stuff. I didn't buy high end but what I got works great.



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Don't worry about nylon gears. Just dont put a lot of pressure on the handle when the plunger bottoms out & you'll be fine. I have a nylon geared stuffer that I've been using for 5+ yrs and it's still going strong.

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Personally I don't understand why, from an engineering viewpoint, they don't make one gear easily acessible as to change out and make it plastic. This would solve problems like Case's with a wear bearing. They design a wear point like they should, maybe make it a bit easier to change out like on the augars of thier grinders.


Brass wear bearings are just the pits for wear points. They wear fast and they are nearly always a pain in the butt to get out and replace.

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