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Help me choosing right smoker

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Hey guys well first of all thank you guys for allowing me in this great forum. I've been into bbq for a while but decided to step up the game and considering purchasing a smoker, and now that I been searching I noticed that there are so many and Im getting confused, honestly I would like the old school one due to the flavor but I cant see myself keeping a temperature on that smoker it just seems to hard so I decided to kinda make a list of the smokers I have in mind and maybe you guys could help me choose the right one. The main things I'm looking into is durability, capacity for feeding up to 8-12 people and that smoky flavor


Here is my list and i hope you guys and gals could help me thank you!!!!


1. Masterbuilt 40" electrical

2. Bradley Digital 4 or 6 Rack

3.Smoke Vault 24"

4. Smoke Hollow 44"

5. Green Mountain Jim Bowie or daniel boone  (if its worth it  I will save the extra money)


have a great day people.

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I'll bump this over to the New Posts section so you might get some input.  I'm a charcoal guy so no help with your choices. 

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The smoker that I have on your list is the GMG Daniel Boone & I have really enjoyed it. Had it now for bout 2 yrs & it's just an awesome smoker.... Not sure what else to say bout it other than it kicks out great Q ! The other smokers you listed are great smokers as well I have no doubt, I just don't own any of them to give my opinion on, good luck with your decision... If I can be of more help with GMG info, just let me know !
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