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AMPS 5X8 design idea

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Todd, with so many trays having to be lifted off the bottom of MES smokers, one idea would be to have version 2.0 come with 4 predrilled holes in the 4 corners on the bottom of the tray.  You could then also sell bolts with feet in different lengths so that customers can purchase 4 of the right size they need for their specific MES and then just screw them in, creating a table type structure. 


I have zero engineering experience.  Not sure if the predrilled holes would compromise the integrity of the tray, open the tray to rust issues etc.  Not sure if this would add too much in cost and not be worth it if you dont sell enough bolts etc?  But I'm just thinking out loud.

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Binder clips from Staples no drilling,bolts,nuts or tools needed.


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Thats really smart.  Well done.  But I dont think the binders will hold up next to an MES element.  Paint fumes in my meat?

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I use these in the smoker also,there is no paint 

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