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Approx. how long does it take and what's the ideal internal temp. please.

Really depends on how many but ribs I cook to tooth pick tender,Chicken I cook to IT of 180* had a bad experience 40+ yrs ago just started eating it again this year.

You need to update your profile with what type smoker you have.This way some of the guys with your unit can help.

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Try the double smoked ham. Do a search on "double smoked ham'  here on the web site. I followed most of the directions, but only smoked it for 4-5 hours. The IT was about 135. One of the best hams I've had.

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An easy butt recipe that will impress your friends and relatives:


  1. Salt the butt heavily with Kosher salt
  2. Use oak, pecan, or hickory for smoke
  3. Smoke until it hits the stall (usually about 165 degrees). Then foil until IT of 205 (assuming you have a temp probe).
  4. Remove from foil and pull it, but don't add the rendered fat in the foil back into the pork. It will be moist enough without it.


It will be moist and tender, and the salt will enhance the flavor of the meat and the smoke. Sauce half, but don't overdo it, and leave the rest plain (for those who may just like it that way). If you don't have a good sauce recipe (NEVER, EVER use store-bought sauce), there are tons online, just find one that has ingredients you know you will like and it will most likely be good.


As for the bark, I would start simple with the salt, and work on bark and rubs later as you discover what you and your family/friends like.


Then with some pulled pork, hot sauce (i.e. Texas Pete, Louisiana) and coleslaw (KFC coleslaw is OK if you don't have a good recipe) on a large sesame seed bun you will be in for one of the finest BBQ sandwiches you've ever had in your life!


This is just my opinion based on my previous experience, and by no means is it meant to discredit or discount the suggestions of the other responders to your thread.



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Originally Posted by stevetheteacher View Post

As some of you already know, I purchased my first smoker last week and made St. Louis ribs for my first attempt.


What should I try next? I'm debating between brisket and chicken but am open to suggestions.






There's all kinds of things to choose from, Steve!!


Here's a whole bunch of Step by Steps to pick from. They're all easy:


Just click on "Bear's Step by Steps".



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Leg quarters would be a great choice! They can be done in a variety of flavors, they are tasty, shorter smoke time and not as expensive as other cuts!

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