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Pork bellies

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Picked up some frozen pork bellies with skin on today for 1.49 a pound in San Antono at Rest. Depot. Not I guess when i smoke the ones I have working from 10 days ago I will be starting some more in the cure...DaveO got me hooked on this so I can blame him hahaha, just kiddin. Cant wait to smoke the ones I have going right now. looks like i will be doing that on  Fri or Sat this week, they should be ready to go in the smoke.

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Pretty good price I'd like to find them around here for that. I'm way past due for making some belly bacon. And your right everything is Dave's fault  :biggrin:  :banana_smiley:  :sausage:


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Awsome price. Bellies here are 3.69 a lb.

Cant wait to see some Q.
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I meant to call "my butcher guy" today and check on prices... last spring they were $2.35 or so, if my memory is worth a darn.... but I forgot to call..... guess that settles the memory question...... anyway, I'm thinking they should be about $1.20 again here.... I'll call and find out.....

HT's got a pretty nice smoke house.... "OLD SCHOOL" type.... I need to build one...
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Mmmmm...... bacon!

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