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First-time smoker

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Hey everyone.


I'm a newbie when it comes to smoking. The funny thing is...I just briefly mentioned to my wife about 4 months ago that I would like to start smoking meat. To my surprise, my wife and kids got me an early Father's Day gift yesterday. They bought me a Master Built 40 electric smoker from Sam's Club.  It hasn't even come out of the box yet.  First of this a good smoker?


I'm not even sure where to start so here are some questions from some of you smoker veterans...


What type of chips should I use?  Dry chips or wet chips?

What is a good meat to start with?  I don't want to go out and buy an expensive piece of meat right away and ruin it. 


Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

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Welcome to the board! Many people here use that smoker, use the Search to look it up and find advice. For a first meat, I'd suggest chicken pieces so you can get the hang of your smoker before taking on big or expensive cuts.

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