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new guy from new jerz

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hello all,

j from jersey,  new to smoking...

i had a little smoker, home depot cheapy from last year. attemepted to smoke a couple racks of ribs towards the end of last summer....FAIL.  went back to it a couple weeks back and a repeated fail.  back to google. 

always seemed to bring me to posts on this site....interesting.

so i decided it should try offset smoker instead.  that way  i am not burning food.

picked up a ok joe smoker... the smaller one.   messed up some ribs this sat. and threw out a but yesterday after 6 hours of my style smoking and then hitting it with a 200 so i thought i was good... it did look good unlike my other smokes.

wife brought it in, sliced it,  yelled its still i chucked it.

i will keep reading and keep trying.   just might need a 3rd job to pay for practice meats.


great site from what i have been seeing so far



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Welcome to the board! Try learning on something quick and inexpensive like chicken pieces.


If those ribs were under-cooked, you could have finished them in the oven. There's no un-scorching meats, though.

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thanks for reply.

last batch of ribs i made,  on the little piece,  looked great un till i decided to do something i saw on you tube.  brown sugar and butter. left on too long and garbage.  new smoker.  ribs  wife did put in the oven. but i think i may have messed up the flavor from my mixed rubs to what i mopped with.  i should have def not thrown out the butt. but too late. 

think i will try chicken parts this weekend.

thanks again for reply

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Welcome to the site neighbor. Use the search bar it is a great tool. As stated try some chicken parts.Verify your probe with the boiling water test,check the gauges on the smoker also.

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texas.gif  Good evening and welcome to the forum, from a nice warm day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.




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Thanks for the welcome. I will try again this weekend May give bacon a try just for practice before the weekend tho
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Welcome to the forums! Hope you enjoy your stay!





Brygget - eat drink and be merry

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Loving it so far. Learning a lot. Smoked some bacon for lunch today and a small loin for dinner. Both came out great. Lil spicy was the loin but wrapped in bacon was real good. Finally. Something I can eat. Have some chicken brining now. See what happens tomorrow
Thanks again for welcome
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