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Lazy man's chicken ideas

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For a guy who's never smoked before, what would be some good chicken ideas?  I found Jeff's Honey Barbecue Smoked Chicken Wings recipe.  This looks sooooooo good.  The smoked buffalo chicken thread also looks interesting:


Would that be a good idea?  Pickup some wings & legs/thighs, and try something along these lines?  Or should I go with a whole chicken?

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Pieces are easier to get right than a whole chicken for a newbie.  Boneless pieces smoke faster than the bone-in.  I beer can whole chickens, but not so much for the moisture.  They seem to cook more evenly for me.  Higher temperature works best for a crispy skin, 325F+. 


You can't go wrong following the Jeff's recipes so have fun! 

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Is there a conversion for temps and cook times between bone in and boneless chicken.
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If you want super good wings, do scarbelly wings. It's the only way to go! You can also inject whole birds, or just parts. If you smoker can go high temp for poultry. Run the smoker 350+ and take the chicken to an IT if 165. If doing parts some will finish faster than others. Personally I like to do spatchcocked chickens.
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