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Greetings from KY and the Big Blue Nation!

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Good evening everyone!


Just a quick background. I have a background in many different areas but mainly meat and food processing and quality and food safety. I've been smoking, grilling, running a bbq restaurant, vending and catering for the past 20 years. I've also done some bbq competitions for the last few years.


I've worked 70 hours a week and lost my rear in the restaurant biz. But I'm still catering, vending and competing and am on my way back! Sounds crazy I know but I wouldn't do anything else! 


I love my family! My son is Sam of the Sam Diggity's BBQ. So named and the logo was created because he kept asking me to build him a smoker he could pull behind his tricycle when he was a toddler! I look forward to contributing to and learning from everyone on here. Have a great week everyone!



Head Cook & Pitmaster

Sam Diggity's BBQ

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David welcome to SMF glad you joined us. As a Gator and SEC fan it's good to see Big Blue finally getting better on the football field :biggrin:

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Thanks! We're kind of hoping we can finally get some momentum going with the old pigskin. It gets a little frustrating up here in the early fall.

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That QB is a monster and while a Gator fan first I'm an SEC fan second. What kind of pit are you running?

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Hopefully it will be a fun season. Our best bet for a running back went to Alabama. A kid from right here at our local high school, Madison Southern. His name is Damien Harris. A really good player and kid.


I have several different rigs. I've got several Webers when I compete, 2 custom offset stick burners and some set it and forget it units I had in my restaurant for catering and big cooks. I also share a huge offset with a buddy for when I need to cook whole pigs. It's a 1000 gallon tank that will hold a couple 200 lb pigs. It basically takes a small forest to cook them for about 16-20 hours.

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That's cool I have a 1000 gal tank that I keep saying someday I'm going to make a smoker out of. Currently use a couple GOSM's or a Lang 84

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texas.gif  Good morning and welcome to the forum, from a bright sunny and warm day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.




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