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CSR's and Turkey Wings!

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Hi Y'all,


I'm smoking some CSR's and turkey wings today.  The CSR's are rubbed with Jeff's rub and the wings are brined in sugar and salt solution and then air dried.  I think both will be fine smoking at 275 for a few hours.  Ribs will be pulled when probe tender, wings when IT is at 170.  Does that sound about right? 


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Sounds damn good to me!!!

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Two hours in....I've got thin blue smoke but dark grey skies.  Things are gonna get rough.

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Mike , I hope your food is done before the storm arrives !

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Hope you beat the storm,I have heavy rain,thunder and lightning. 6 nice thighs in my mini :mad:

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Thanks guys,


Food beat the rain!  The winds kicked up for the final hour and things might have got out of hand.  The CSR's wanted to fall apart when probe testing them, and the wings IT was 180 in some spots.  They still had some resistance when probing them so I'm not too sure about their doneness.  Severe thunderstorm and flash flood warning till 5:00 about another hour.  The meats are resting inside, and I've got some taters and corn in the smoker, plus a bit of green onion sausage for a snack!  Thanks for looking.  I'm using the 22.5 lid as an umbrella, works nicely.


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Nice , Mike :drool . You need a big Umbrella , you know , one of them Cantalevered type  :


This would be the fix.

Have fun and .  . .Swim TimeSantiago 10 ft. Octagonal Cantilever Patio Umbrella in Beige Sunbrella Acrylic

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Thanks Old School,


I need that umbrella!  The weather all over the country has been crazy this year.  Here's to hoping thing will get better!



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