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Water or No Water?

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For those of you that have a MES, do you use water in the water pan or do you leave the water pan dry and .... why do you use water or no water?

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I don't use the water pan in my MES, as I use it for low temp stuff like bacon, cheese, etc.
Water pans are for a heat sink or temp control ! I don't think most use the water pan though !
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Don't use the water pan.  You want to smoke not steam the meat.  Fill it with sand and it will help with temp swings.

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..... OK, I will try no water next time. Without water, the meat won't be too dry then??? 

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Your smoker expends a lot of energy heating the water so can cause it to struggle to temp and use more fuel too the water dosent last that long anyway. ts not a steamer so use sand or a terracota saucer as a heat sink. getting the right meat and temp will keep it moist
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I haven't used water in two years. I foil over the empty water pan and keep it in place on the bottom rack.

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