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Smoked 1/2 Chicken

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What's everyones preferred chicken temp.???
Smoker temp.???
Meat Temp.???
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I go with 275-300 when I'm cooking my chicken. Usually take it to 180 dark 160-165 for white but don't check my dark typically... go by feel and time. I know that at a hour plus in butter it's up over 150 and then take and crisp afterwards.

The picture looks good. I got some 1/4 going on this Tuesday.
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Thanks smokinadam...
I pulled it at 170 and put it under the broiler for a few minutes to crisp the skin...worked out great...
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Looks good have not done much Chicken, but with the price of beef I am going to start.

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350+ pit temp, 165 for the bird.
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Nice looking Chick , and the temps. were spot on , so you must have to cook to well also ,Case  :icon_question:


I cook @ 225*F to 250*F(it dosn't use the Wood as fast at this Temps. ) .


They're left to rise to 165*F to 170*F , then pulled ,wrapped and rested .


Have fun and . . .

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I cook mine similar to dirt. If time allows I'll give an hour of smoke at low temps before cranking it up in the 300s
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