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Chicken Drumsticks Qview

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Hello All

Second time using my smoker :)

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Tasty looking legs! Nice smoke!

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Good stuff, did you have a play around with your air vents and adjust your temperature?

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Ye, I got it to stay at about 240F for 90mins, then added my hot sauce and cook for 30mins more at about 255F. yahoo.gif

In total I used 2 cherry wood and 1 apple.
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Excellent, all good practice.Thumbs Up

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Hello.  GREAT looking yard bird there.  Glad all went well.  Bring those to the smoking weekend!  Keep Smokin!


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How was the eating on those drumsticks? Looks good!
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It was very nice :)
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Evening Mikey


Hope you are OK.  Will you be attending the Smoking weekend, more details can be found here if you have not seen the threads http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/t/221028/important-information-please-read


Can you give us an answer either way as we need to finalise numbers and all that.





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Hi Mikey. Great looking chicken legs - a lovely colour and so moist too. Well done Thumbs Up

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