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Chicken Drumsticks Qview

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Hello All

Second time using my smoker :)

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Tasty looking legs! Nice smoke!

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Good stuff, did you have a play around with your air vents and adjust your temperature?

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Ye, I got it to stay at about 240F for 90mins, then added my hot sauce and cook for 30mins more at about 255F. yahoo.gif

In total I used 2 cherry wood and 1 apple.
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Excellent, all good practice.Thumbs Up

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Hello.  GREAT looking yard bird there.  Glad all went well.  Bring those to the smoking weekend!  Keep Smokin!


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How was the eating on those drumsticks? Looks good!
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It was very nice :)
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Evening Mikey


Hope you are OK.  Will you be attending the Smoking weekend, more details can be found here if you have not seen the threads


Can you give us an answer either way as we need to finalise numbers and all that.





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Hi Mikey. Great looking chicken legs - a lovely colour and so moist too. Well done Thumbs Up

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