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Baby back ribs question

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Hi all its me again! I have looked for suggestions for prepping baby back ribs to smoke but wanted to ask everyone one here before I start! I have 2 large racks of baby backs and want to smoke them tomorrow! What is the best way to prep them (in your opinion), marinade? Rub and sit overnight? Inject? I have read about using mustard to get rub to adhere, curious! Not sure if u can inject ribs haha! Please advise!!! I will be posting qview once I start! Help!!!
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Rub and put them in the pit, cook until done and enjoy. If it's your first you should keep it simple IMHO.

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It is my first! I want to keep it as simple as possible haha! I do have a day to prep so any recommendation on overnight prep?
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Others will chime in, this is just my personal way I do ribs. I remove the membrane on the back, maybe just trim a little if there's some bigger chunks of fat, or anything loose, etc. I've done them rubbed with a light coat of mustard, EVOO or peanut oil.... I've also done them with just the rub & nothing else ! All ways have turned out good IMO ! I've tried a bunch of different rubs or sometimes we just hit them with some SPOG & keep it simple ! Sometimes I'll rub & let sit over night.... But usually I just sprinkle on some rub as the smoker is coming to temp ! I've never marinaded or injected & the ribs come out juicy ! I don't personally foil !

You'll learn with a few smokes what your preference is, making tweaks here & there.... Just enjoy & have fun with it !
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I never do any overnight prep, but there are members that do. I smoked 2 racks yesterday  Took the out of the package, rinsed, patted dry and removed the membrane on the back side, Rubbed a little yellow mustard on them and my seasoning they sat about 10 min before they went on.


NOTE:  You don't have to use mustard, you can use oil or anything you like or nothing at all. The mustard imparts no flavor jut a sticking agent.

             The last ones I did I just used my rub.



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I use mustard and rub the night before. Wrap them in cling wrap and let em sit overnight. Makes your fridge smell good every time you open it too. I typically do the 2-2-1 method but they always seem good to go at 2-2-.5
Home cooked ribs are always the best. Usually run in the 230-250 range pit temp. You'll do great smell all you want but just don't peek till the clock says you can!
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RUB , SMOKE and ENJOY  . . .:drool




Have fun and  . . .

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they are on!
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Fresh out of foil! Sauce applied!
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They look good, brother. How'd the taste?

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Sorry this is late, didn't see it before. What I see really looks good. I hope you used Watering Hole or Gary's advice, they were spot on. I did 3 racks on Memorial Day, 1 with my rub and sauce, 1 with SPOG and my sauce and 1 with Jeff's rub and sauce. All of them turned out good and everyone liked them. No one had a preference. So, the bottom line is just prep right and cook right and use whatever rub is good to you and it will all turn out. Remember, you can always eat your mistakes. Good luck, Joe
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