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Hello all you Bad boy smokers oh and girl smokers,  I am Woody from down under, that is "New Zealand" not Australia not that I've got anything against my fellow Anzac"s.


I am fairly new to smoking, (food that is) Still smoke the odd Stogie and left handed Paul Mall :-)


I am currently building my smokehouse out of a relatively new glass front display fridge that I picked up for $12.00 NZD. Hey TulsaJeff just got your welcome and I am blown away by this website!!! anyway back to my new project.


The Fridge is commercial so no plastic except for the rubber seal which i intend to cover with aluminium 100 mph tape, It came with no condenser or motor (perfect) and is mounted on heavy duty castors so can be wheeled around. So far so good


Smoke will be generated by a Smokai S/S Magnum bought on  check out or trademe so cold smoke and yeah that is my biggest investment $250.00 NZD but it's key to the project


Heat will come from a LPG gas burner and I will rig up two digital temperature gauges. One to measure the heat in the Smoker and one to measure the internal temp of large pieces of meat.


Think I have to I have to change the racks as the Fridge ones are plastic coated so will go Stainless Steel oven racks also thinking of using Stainless hooks for hanging fish and meet rather than just using racks as when hung moisture drains better that"s my theory anyway.


Will need to work out a venting system so keen on any input from members as to what works best.


The produce I intend to smoke is mainly wild game, me and my bro and friends are reasonably keen hunters both land and sea.

Winter is mainly land based fishing using electric kontiki's, we catch mainly Snapper Gurnard and annoying Sharks  plus game birds and venison Sika,Fallow and Red Deer.

Summer is Free diving mainly Kingfish and  Snapper but my crazy assed bro has speared Marlin and Giant Southern Bluefin Tuna.     


Looking forward to learning more from you all and would appreciate any input re the pros and cons of using a fridge for a smoker  





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texas.gif  Good evening and welcome to the forum, from another cloudy and warm day here in East Texas. Lots of great people with tons of information on just about  everything.




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