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UDS Pizza, Great!

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Lit most of the basket with weed burner then threw in a double handful of apple chips. My Maverick must top out @ 410F because that was the last number I saw before getting an error message about 15 minutes in. Probe in space between the drum wall and the pan. Might be the best pizza I ever had. Crust was just a little crispy for me. I'll cut back from wide open next time. Smoke taste was great for me, not appreciated as much by my wife. We have a local pizza joint that will sell them pre-cooked, I always cut them like this so some cheese can flow and get browned. Had to fab up a quick pan since my normal cast iron pizza pan was about 1/2 inch too big with the handles.


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Looks great! I always skip the wood, and just use coals
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Good plan FWI. That might work good here. A little less crispy crust for me and less smokey for the wife. I was looking for upper temp limit on the uds but found the limit on my thermometer instead.

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