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"Clean, potable water" is exactly that; something you'd drink.  Nothing further is required for making brine.  No need to boil it, no need to distill it, just stir the ingredients until dissolved, dump into a clean container, put the meat in and weigh down to keep it in the brine.  The KISS factor (Keep It Simple.....).  Dad used well water for years, the County would test it and it passed.   Then he got on city water, they'd test it, and it'd pass.  Simple.

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Thanks Drewed.  Got it now.



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Originally Posted by Drewed View Post

2. If you are getting "Distilled" or "Reverse Osmosis" water from one of the dispensing stations at a grocery store because it is safer than tap, or "cleaner," stop.  Just don't.  The dispense tubes on those things are so loaded with bacteria you would do just as well to drink from the hose.



Wait??? What???? We are not supposed to be drinking from the hose???? Uh-oh....

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I lived in central PA most of the last 25 years. The bulk of that drinking municipal water from the Susquehanna River...South of Three Mile Island!  Can't get more Bacterial free then RADIATED WATER...Easy to find the Brined meat in the Dark too...JJ:biggrin:

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