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I've always been the kind a guy jumped into things headfirst without looking. I guess nothings changed. Last week I went out and bought myself a new smoker . It's a Oklahoma Joe highlander. in the past I've always use briquettes for grilling and smoking on my Charcoal Grill so I figure why change now. Then I got to write about how so many of you seem to prefer lump charcoal. And thought heck I might as well try it out. So today I went out and found some frontier brand natural hardwood lump charcoal. I also found some pecan wood chips while I was out. Been wanting to try those for a while now. And since I had subscribed to the how-to five step tutorial on smoking I decided that I had to try a fatty. I just got home a while ago and fired up my smoker with the lump charcoal. Went inside and rolled myself a fatty. Figured since I was already going to have the smoker fired up might as well throw a butt on there too. Here's a few prep shots to get you going.
my bacon weave
I went with smoked sausage instead of breakfast sausage
loaded it up with some peppers, onions, Soriano peppers & Swiss cheese.
all rolled up and ready to smoke.
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I had to help my wife for a bit. When I left the Fattie it was at 145, 30 minutes later it was at 170. A little more done than I would have liked but it tastes great. I'll be trying this one again for sure
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  Nice job on the bacon weave. Fattie looks good too! Thumbs Up



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Looks Good to me  Thumbs Up



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Butts almost done, do you know how hard it is to keep from opening the lid on the smoker just so you can smell the meat better. drool.gif:
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So the butt was done last night but I was to tired at 2am to post pics. It's resting now and will be pulled soon.
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Nice , and a clean bone pull.:biggrin:

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