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Smoke Ring

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I was wondering the trick to a smoke ring. I use a MES 30' analog smoker. Which I am adding more venting today.


What's the trick??? Are there any MES 30' Mods out there?

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Buy a new smoker.


Not trying to sound rude but you are fighting a loosing battle with an electric smoker. The smoke ring comes from a chemical reaction that occurs during combustion in wood, propane, and charcoal smokers. It has no flavor and adds nothing to the food other than the look.


I don't even notice the lack of a ring when I use my MES. It tastes good and that's all that matters.

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Thanks, working on that. Defiantly need a different smoker. 

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Originally Posted by ChrisSmoke View Post

Thanks, working on that. Defiantly need a different smoker. 

If your MES works then stick with it. As I mentioned above, the smoke ring does nothing for taste so it really doesn't matter. 

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Nice! I thought about doing the mailbox thing. Thanks for your input.

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Chrismoker , wen looking  do yourself a favor and get a "GOOD" one.


Bmaddox is correct in that Watt Burners do not make a ring , but really that is just 'Bragging" rights , taste is priority one.


If you decide to get  Wood Burner , try to save up for a thick metal one (3/8" or better) .  You'll thank me later . Also  get one the next size up from what you "need" , again , you'll thank me


later .  .  .


have fun and .  .  .

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