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1st Time St. Louis Style Ribs & Salmon

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Hello again,

                  Just wanted to share my 1st time smoking ribs and salmon! I just did 2 whole chickens on Memorial Day and they turned out awesome! So I had to try ribs and fish!


The ribs I bought were St. Louis Style rack of ribs ... I soaked them in Stubbs Pork Marinade over night!

Before I put them on smoker, I rubbed them with a store bought Pork Rub...


Ribs are in Smoker... MMMMMMM


I smoked the ribs for 3 hours at 230 degrees... Once it hit 160 degrees, I put on BBQ sauce for 20 minutes.....

While Ribs were BBQ for 20 minutes, I put my salmon on for 30 minutes.. I soaked the Salmon in a sweet and sour salad dressing for 20 minutes!


It only took the Salmon a 1/2 hour in smoker. I think its due to me cutting in chunks. ????

Anyways, I am hooked,. The Ribs were awesome. Some of the best I have ever eaten... But the Salmon was better! I could not believe how good the Salmon was? Unreal....... As you can imagine I am stuffed!  Its hard to drink a beer right now!! LOL





Till next time (this weekend gonna smoke some wings and salmon) .... Peace to all...

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Nice job & tasty lookin Q !

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Nice, Looks Good



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BMX, Nice looking ribs and salmon!

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