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Smoking Timber

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Has any of you guys used Macadamia Nut, Guava or Mango timber for smoking?.

Here in Queensland Australia I have access to all three in quantity and am planning to use it in my Texas offset.

I have read that any fruit or nut tree is ok for smoking, any negative reaction on this?.


To all you people affected by the flooding over there I wish you well and good luck.


Cheers from Down Under.

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I think I recall, where someone with a nut allergy reacted to meats that were smoked with wood from a nut tree.... don't know how true that is or if I even remember it correctly..... someone else on the forum may recall that thread....
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Hello, Pilch . Glad to speak to you. I did a search and got this  :


May help .


Have fun and . . .

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Thanks for that oldschool.

Luck for me I do not suffer any allergies but then I suppose I have to consider those who partake in my smoked offerings.


Cheers from Down Under.

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