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Burnt Ends

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Can you make burnt ends in the oven from leftover beef rib pieces? Some of the pieces are pretty large. Would it be better to braise them? Whatever I do, I want to do it in the house. Any suggestions? Thanks, Joe
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Chop them up sauce them. Put them in a casserole dish or foil pan, cover with foil and cook away. Your oven will work fine.
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What temp?
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Originally Posted by Joe Black View Post

What temp?

Around 300-350 should work fine. If you have a perforated pan use it on a cookie sheet put some foil balls under the corners so the fat drips away they will crisp up better.
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Oven in use :icon_question: Use a Crock Pot.  Works great :icon_exclaim:


Have fun and . .  .

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