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Hello.  Sorry Gavlar.  We are not ignoring you.  We are bouncing ideas as to how to help you.


I'm with you Wade.  I have racked my tiny brain and I don't see how he could make it all in one unit.  I thought MAYBE we had a hope but when I thought it through, it just didn't work.


Gavlar; you are gonna have to make it 2 separate  units.  I see no other option.  Keep Smokin!


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I am with the boys on this one, because of the temperatures involved I think if you use a damper (depending on how it is attached) it it's going to warp and distort which will cause it to become inefficient, the hinge mechanism is going to rust and it could be problematic in the future to move it from one setting to the other.  There is also the fact that is might not work at all as Danny has mentioned.  So you have spent a lot of time, money and effort that is as much use as a lighthouse in the desert !


You could have 2 fireboxes as Wade has mentioned if you really want to combine the two and have something a bit different, or why not keep the design simple and have a conventional pizza oven where the fire is at the rear of the pizza oven, which is a tried and tested design that has been used over many years and then have a separate smoker/BBQ with a firebox which is also a tried and tested design. I am a big fan of the KISS principle,  why complicate things when there is no need.

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Hi Gavlar, I would go with Wade's idea. Fire in the Pizza Oven, and a fire box below Pizza oven to feed Smoker.

Smokin Monkey
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Thanks so much for the collaborative input. Thinking out load i am so pleased i made my original posting. Perhaps wanting the world on a stick is not realistic, If it was we would all have one. Perhaps its best to dump the idea of a pizza oven for now.


Moving to the main reason for all of this is to achieve the best I can for brilliant temp control for that perfect long and slow smoke. Happy to keep the Brinkmann or just discard it i really dont mind. I do appreciate your thoughts and input so far, but as mentioned earlier, it is best to get ir right now rather than spending time money and effort on something that just doesn't fit the bill.


Cheers all..what is the next step



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Is a tough one guys.  I just don't see the two working together.  Racked my poor little brain but no solutions.come to mind.




Dammy??  Who the HE** is Dammy?  I can type just fine!  I have a dislexic keyboard!  :icon_biggrin:


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Good evening Gavlar,  well, its close to morning for you.  :-)


It would be helpful to know how much area you have to work with.   You can build a brick smoker and a oven on a very small footprint.  If my smoker were stand alone, it would have a foot print of about 6ft x 6ft.    I am in the process of building a oven.   When complete I'll be doing a rundown on the brick smoker page, but here is a picture of it almost complete.  The foot print on the oven is 7ft x 7ft.  Not a lot of area is needed to get both.   


Looking at your drawing, by making it a little wider you can have a brick smoker.     


When you get a chance check out the "brick smoker" page here at SMF.   I do have a how to on brick smoker.  If you can't find it, I'll be glad to get you a link.    I am by no means an expert, but I do have a working knowledge of brickwork.   


The oven I'm working on is built for the long haul.  Its built to hold heat for making bread.  No shortcuts on this build.  I built if for high heat for awesome  pizza and  to hold heat for bread the next day.   As stated, once complete I plan to give a how to on the brick smoker page.


It looks big, but it sit on a 7ft x 7ft slab.   


If you have questions please ask.   There are ton of folks here willing to help.




Here is a picture of the smoker.  These two sit in a corner to each other.  Hopefully next year a can finally build the deck area.  The oven is built to  where the deck will be, thats why its so high.


Its not quite that clean after 4 yrs of use.   


If you have questions please ask.  


Hope you have a great week-end!



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Thanks Wes!  Well there ya go Gavlar.  I think separate units are the way to go also.  A 14-15 feet footprint ia not that big.


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Hi Gavlar, I think this is exactly what you are trying to build.


Nice looking "all in one" bit of kit.

Smokin Monkey.
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Yes that almost looks like the ultimate convertable

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That looks fantastic. The only problem is the price....
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Wes's Smoker/Oven is awesome, the trouble is I think you would be tied up with planning regulation for the next 10 years in the UK.

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Evening.   I do live in the mountains.   I'm by no means a city dweller.     To be legal, I probably should have gotten a permit to build this, but, its kinda like, don't ask don't tell thing.  No one in my neighbor hood is going to report me because I often do neighborhood smokes or pizza parties.   The plus side is the next morning I can bake bread once the temp has cooled a bit.



Let me know if I can help.   


Why would building a smoker or oven be a big deal in the UK?.  I'm just curious.  


Best of luck my friend.  From a wood fired oven or smoker  you get a flavor that can not be matched by none.   Fire adds a flavor that  nothing can match.  



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Danny, how in the hell  did you get 127 points?  LMFAO!!     Damn!  :-)

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Originally Posted by Wes W View Post

Danny, how in the hell  did you get 127 points?  LMFAO!!     Damn!  :-)

He gets a point for every birthday he's had,!
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Hello Wes.  Well you would think it is my winning personality and my VAST knowledge on smoking meat.  The real truth is BRIBERY!  It has cost me a small fortune!  I have had to send the wife back to work and even had to get a second job.


Building something in your yard here in the U.K. has several pitfalls.  AND your neighbor will turn you in.  I am not saying anything against U.K. folks but it's just how it is.  U.K. folks "follow the rules" where U.S. folks figure if it ain,t hurting me I don't give a sh**.  When you live in a different country you have to play by their rules.  You also have no "out of the city limits" option here.  Your neighbor can even get a tree protection order for a tree on your property.  That stops you from cutting down a tree on YOUR property.


Thanks for your advice Wes.  When talking brick builds I have NO clue.  Keep Smokin!


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I'm always more then willing to help.  If I can't give a good advice I'll tell you.   


I live kinda in the middle of nowhere.   A little hick town in the mountains.    We won't talk government because ours sucks right now....


I'm a simple person who trust anyone until proven different.


LOL,  I just want to know how you get the wife to work so I can stay home!!  :-)   My wife is the big bread winner.   She makes way more then I do and she has retirement.   After 30 yrs, I just hope she doesn't kick me out.  :-)   


If I can be of help, just shot me a PM.   I think its so awesome that people of different countries can come together for a common cause, to eat awesome smoked food and just be friends.  Thank you sir

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I agree, it's great that people from all over the world can come together with a common goal.  I would love to live in the middle of nowhere, my kinda lifestyle, out of interest what's the name of your town Wes.

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Hello James.  I do miss Tx..  I owned 11 acres.  Had wild deer, hogs, passing through and a resident roadrunner and a big ole owl who used to eye up the ex-wife's little lap dog when she went out at night.  Of course we also had the occasional rattlesnake and you have not lived until a coyote starts howling just outside your bedroom window at 3-4am Sunday morning.  Where's my gun????  :icon_lol:  Of course that was never a REAL question.  The loaded 357 magnum was under my pillow and the loaded 12 bore hung above the bed.  The rest were unloaded and in the gun cabinet.  :icon_biggrin:  My nearest "permanent" neighbour was almost a mile away.  10-12 mile round trip to the grocery store and a 100 mile round trip to work and back.


Yes.  It is great that we all can come together and help each other..  Keep Smokin!


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Thanks everyone for you feedback and ideas, it's been great to be part of this community and I hope that when my bbq/smoker is built it is the very best it can be.

The area allocated is 3ft x 8ft very approximately. I think ready what has been said on here I will park the idea of a pizza oven and build a rendered block unit which will have the smoker and grill.

I am completely open to suggestions but I just cannot go higher than 6ft high as generally the UK garden fences are about that height.

For me the objective of the design and materials is to have excellent control of burn and as such temperature.

I am all ears to your thoughts particularly on materials and the design of the smoker unit and grill and what I should consider so as not to make mistakes.

As always thanks for your input. For info the build will start in about three weeks.


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Hello.  Gavlar; it may slow your build slightly but I would suggest maybe post a drawing of the next section before you start building.  Just to have a chance to get suggestions BEFORE you spend the money on the actual build.  I have ZERO experience with brick smokers but many of us understand air flow and such things from experience building steel smokers.  I am sure Wes will also be available to add his suggestions.  I know you don't want to spend 8-10 hrs. laying blocks just to have someone tell you the next day that what you did won't work.  Just a thought.  Keep Smokin!


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