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Memorial Day

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Well I though there would be more , but no goodies:frown: . So , I did m Chickens , Bone-in Breast and Fatties . Trish decided  should do 2lb. Fatties .I had a  heck


of a  time getting them wrapped in the Bacon Weaves , Cheese my Cheese was Smoked String Cheese . The Bacon was cheap and  tore apart , the meat


was too thick and they flattened out as hey Smoked. The Fatties were good , and the one I took to the Party (at Mom - in - law's ) disappeared fast.


The Chicken was Marvelous , done right to 165*F , was reported to be very juicy , and very tasty . I used SPOG on that one , and New Orleans Spice on the 


one I kept at home ( what , you think I'm gonna be left with no Grub , did you :icon_question: ) , especially after the excitement .


Rolo , the Wonder Dog , being new to the Team , was a bit shook-up and got tangled in her leash( around my foot , the Bad on ) ad I took a spill , banged my


Knees , Shoulder ad Arm . I'm sore today, and I'll be walking this off for a while . But I made it to 'Mom's' with the goodies , had a good Lunch with Corn


Casserole , Ham , Taco Salad , Cole Slaw , Mac and Cheese and Watermelon . Didn't take my camera. But here are my working shots :


 Getting the Fire going for my Ember Bed.


 Look closely at my Smoke Oh , don't see it , perfect :biggrin:


Ladies n the Throne .   Some Bone - in Breast splits Into the Sauna ,


My Wonder Dog Rollo deciding if she likes the Smoke from the FB and the Heat


Done the Bird and Fatty And out of the Smoker n 3.5 hrs. and the Breast were in for 2hrs.


And pulled sliced and Plated. Here as My plate ( first of 3 ) :icon_eek: , the Mac , Corn , Hashbrowns  and Watermelon were gobbled up next , and it was all so good .


I want to say a belated Memorial Day Salute to all our Heros  , past and here. THANK YOU PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif


Hope you had  a great Celebration and the Family gatherings .


Have fun and .   .   .

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Your fatties may have flattened out--but only on the bottom LOL. They look good Stan. Chicken looks great.  3 plates??  Gonna get fat you keep that up.



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Nice lookin Q Stan... icon14.gif
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Nice Job as usual, it all looks great   points1.png




Great Color






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 Getting , Gary :icon_question:


Actually this was 2013 Christmas . I'm trying to behave (was told to sit down , :wife:) , see the disgust in my stare :icon_question:


Since then  (I was 300+) and after this past Christmas Excitement , I'm down to 240lb. , 'm happy . Now if I can stop falling , I'll be good to go . . .


Have fun and . . .

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Looks awesome Stan. Glad you are back to cookin.
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Keep it up, you'll get to where you want to be,  I need to lose weight myself.  A couple of years ago I lost 50 pounds doing good, then I had emergency hernia surgery and was told to take it easy if I didn't want it to happen again, So I took it too easy and started gaining again, and it popped out again, had to have surgery again last year, told the same thing gained some more. But I'm ready to get busy and get it back off.



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Great meal and take care of yourself!



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OSBBQ, Nice smoke with some great looking grub!

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That looks great,I like the all meat plate..

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