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First Smoke! Awesome!

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    I am new here. I just purchased the Masterbuilt 30 Electric Smoke House! Did my first smoke today, 2 whole chickens.




I brined them overnight in water, apples, lemons, salt, and brown sugar!


Today, I rinsed the birds with water and used a home made dry rub...


I smoked them at 235 degrees for 4 hours (Till they reached 165v degrees) Used apple wood! .. Stuffed the chickens with the apples, lemons, and a red onion. Plus, I sprayed them with apple juice 4 times while they smoked!




All I gotta say is "WOW" .... Tender, Juicy, just a great taste! I cannot believe i went this long without a smoker at my house!


Finished Product!  AWESOME!


This site is great! Love the recipes, and all the helpful threads! Thanks Again!

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Awesome smoke man ! The birds look really tasty.... Once ya try smokin your own, then your hooked ! Welcome aboard.... When ya get a chance, ya may just hop over to roll call so everyone can give ya a good ol SMF welcome ! Again, nice smoke ! icon14.gif
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Thank You! Will do, headed over there now!

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Your Chicken looks great , Beermanx , nice color and all sauced up for shoving in your face thumb1.gif  .


Hope you had a good a good Holiday ,


Have fun and . . .

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