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Memorial Day Tri Tip

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Had some family over for dinner today, two 2 1/2 lb. Tri tips. Rubbed with my Santa Maria dry rub (Kosher salt, fresh ground black pepper, granulated garlic) then onto the Masterbuilt Pro Dual Fuel. Decided to do a charcoal only for fuel this time. Used about 3/4 chimney of Royal Oak Lump with a couple of oak chunks for the smoke. First time I did charcoal only, temperature a little hot at first but I just let go.

The Masterbuilt doin its thing with some nice TBS.

Tri Tip 1 going on for reverse sear.

#2 on the grill for its reverse sear.

Ready to come off the grill for a little rest.

All that's left!

Didn't get any pictures of the sliced and plated goods but it came out really well. Had a nice smoke ring and spot on flavor. Love me some Tri Tip!
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What I see looks awesome tri tip is some good stuff. Now you just gotta learn to be faster with the camera before it's gone :banana_smiley:

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BW, Looks like a real winner by the looks of the money shot !:icon_lol:

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Geez, that must have been tasty! Nice smoke!

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You have to love tri tip. Glad it turned out well.



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