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It's been a while...

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Picked up a prime grade CAB packer brisket. Probably ran 15 pounds. 

Trimmed it up this morning, rubbed it down with Plowboy's Bovine Bold and onto the Traeger it went with Cherry pellets. 

Here she is about 3 hours in at 250*


Here she is at 9.5 hours in, and just about done. There were a few places in the flat where there was some resistance, so on it stays. 



I pulled it about 40 minutes after the above picture. It gushed juice as I pulled it off. It's now wrapped up and resting. 


I replaced it with 5 pounds of chicken wings at 325* - half rubbed with Simply Marvelous Cherry, the other with Simply Marvelous Spicy Apple. 


Now enjoying some lemonade with a splash of vodka in it. My reward for getting up at 0'dark 30


I will be in a meat coma later on. 

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Looking good so far. I cannot wait to see to plate view.
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welcome back Ellymae.....I'd recognize that picture anywhere and I see you haven't lost any touch in the chow department. Looks delicious...u had me at 'gushing juice'.....Willie

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Thanks Willie! I've been cooking, just not posting. 

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It has been awhile.... Good lookin' brisket.... I'd eat it.....

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Thanks guys - it was tasty. Here are some slices....


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Nice lookin brisky ! icon14.gif
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Looks great elly. Please post more often.
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That is a superb looking brisket!
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Great looking brisky! Any burnt ends or pics of the chix wings?
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Thanks guys. No burnt ends or pics of chicken wings.
Thought about doing burnt ends, but not this time. May cut off the point and give them A whirl.
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Man that looks good Elly!!!
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Looks fantastic! Nice Smoke!

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