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always overdone

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I'm doing ribs today 3-2-1 in a cajun smoker using an amazin pellet smoker. Everything seems to come out overdone. Last time I used this method the ribs tasted great, but were black and headed toward dry and hard in some spots. Smoked at 225.

Yesterday I did a brisket, same thing. The brisket was 11 pounds, I smoked at 225 until it was 200 IT, wrapped in foil and towels. It tasted great and was tender, but on the dry side.

so I'm trying ribs again today. Question is: Should I smoke at a lower temp? Or shorten the time> Say 2-2-1 or 3-2-1/2?

I do have nice digi thermometers btw...


I appreciate the help folks

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Try 3-1.5-.45 and see what you think and make sure you add some liquid in the foil apple juice or whatever (I like honey and butter) then seal foil well

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are you sure about your temp?you might be running abit hot.

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mystery solved. Ya, this Amazin smoker thing is an amazin phuckin disaster

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I have never seen that happen. Where did you place the amnps in your smoker?
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on the bottom, next to, but not under the heating element.

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Is an IT of 200* standard?   Sure seems pretty high to me.   Not being familiar with a Cajun smoker, is this coal, propane?   And yes, where did you place the AMNPS in reference to the smoker's heat source?

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The placement of the amnps could be why it flamed up. My first smoker was a Cajun injector. I always placed the amnps on the two rods extending from the chip tray to the left wall and never had an issue other than having to prop the chip chute door slightly open.
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LOLOL you WON'T believe what's happening over here! So, I get all the fires out, dumped the anps, started over there, got the box temp back dow. I did catch it in time so there wasn't any creasote on the meat. Put it all back in, but the box temp wasn't coming up. The controls are toast. IDK if the controls are toast because of the fire, or the controls boinked out as electronic things do when they go bad and CAUSED the fire. Either way I had to move the whole deal into my propane grill. I put the anps on one end under the burners and light the burner on the other end to control the temp.

Oh ya, and when I was moving all this I touched the cajun injector with my hand and got lit up, it's electrified. doesn't work inside, but it will kill mosquitos!. SMH, time for another beer....

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OUCH !!!!!

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