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new wsm

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I just bought a new wsm how do I season it
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WSMs really don't need seasoning.  Wash the grates and you're good to go.  You might want to do a dry run though (no water, no meat) to learn to control temps between 225 and 350F, then throw something simple on after you feel good about temp control.

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I just bought a new wsm how do I season it

congrats and happy smoking.

you may want to foil your water pan when you use it - i didnt foil mine and the drippings burned on it hit.gif

its a pain to get out and i think i scratched some of the enamel coating off devil.gif
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As stated in the directions that came with your WSM there is no need to season it.....It will run a little on the hot side the first dozen or so smokes but will settle in after that.


There is a myriad of information on this site about the WSM's......


Enjoy your new smoker.....You couldn't have made a better choice. 

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Couldn't agree more.  Cooked some ribs the first time I fired mine up, and while nothing has ever turned out badly, controlling the temperature has definitely gotten easier over time.  Running hot was a problem, but last week I was able to cook a pork butt for almost 17 hours doing nothing more than adding water every four hours or so.  

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