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Hello.  This thread has gone WAY off topic and we are not helping the OP.  The question was how to fuel his beautiful smoke house.  It has degraded to something it should have never been.  Let's get back to business and help him get his smoke house going.  PLEASE.  The OP has become disengaged from his own thread.  We are not about this.  We are about helping folks.  In fighting is NOT what the U.K. Group is about.  We are here to "spread the word".  YES!  I am ashamed to admit guilty!  I got drawn in.  I am sorry if I have offended anyone.  So let's move on and get down to business.  Of course many of you know me and you know I will take tha piss in a heartbeat and give as good as I get but this thread has for some reason over stepped the bounds.  It's turning ugly.  AND I am as guilty as the next man.  PLEASE! bring it back into line and answer the OP's original question.


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Yes i agree!
I got sucked in too, felt i had been mis read, my bad! my sincere apologies to danny and dusty. i suppose we all have a few teeth but as you say lets get on and help the lad as its not conducive to good forum banter and it one helova site
also sorry to all the other forum members dragged in.
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I wholly agree, managed to keep out of this one.

Danny, jusy an idea, why don't we start a "BANTER" thread, then thinks that via off the original thread topic can be continued on the Banter Thread, leaving the thread to be respected and answered. Also members who do not want to or feel uncomfortable who have read the thread will be more likely to contribute to the original thread. Just a thought.

Smokin Monkey
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Excellent Idea Smoking Monkey, do you want to do the honours?

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