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This is my first smoke.  I'm going to try brining some chicken breasts via the recipe from a booklet. Quoting from my Little Chief electric smokehouse recipes booklet, it says:



"Easy Cure" Brine for Chicken and Small Game Birds


1 qt Water


1/2 cup Wite sugar


Place birds in cool brine for 6 hours. Rinse and dry on paper towels for 1 hour. Smoke with 2 pans full of Hickory Smokehouse (tm) all natural wood chips for 2 to 4 hours.


Remove from smokehouse and cook until done in the oven, wrapped in foil.


Birds may now be eaten cold or warm and served with a light glaze, sauce or gravy, Use your imagination!


I am thinking of doing this one of two ways:


  1. Brine the chicken for the 6 hours during the day, then rinse and dry the chicken overnight to form the pellicle, then smoke 'em.
  2. Brine the chicken overnight for 8 hours, and then rinse and dry the chicken for the 1 hour, then smoke 'em.


If the brining time is critical and the pellicle formation time is not, then #1 is the way to go.  But if brining time is not critical but pellicle formation time is, then #2 is the way to go.


Which is the best approach here?  I'm hoping to be able to dine on this chicken midday tomorrow, Memorial day, if feasible.


BTW, the above recipe doesn't refer to taking internal meat temp along the way as recommended by  which I hadn't planned on until I read that thread. Besides, this Little Chief smoker doesn't have a temperature control. :smile: