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Types of Ribs Poll

Poll Results: Favorite type of ribs

  • 16% (4)
    Beef Ribs (not prime rib)
  • 29% (7)
    Baby Back Ribs
  • 8% (2)
    Country Style Ribs
  • 45% (11)
    Spare Ribs
24 Total Votes  
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Favorite type of ribs
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...   spare ribs



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Originally Posted by Red Farr View Post

...   What  about   Eve    ?





So, I've never smoked beef ribs before or country style ribs. I still voted though!

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Favorite ribs? Thats easy, whatever type is currently ready to eat!

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Spares for me ; cheaper , more of it , (IMHO) a better bite and they are versatile :biggrin: . 

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Spares for me! Baby backs for the wife and kids...
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I have to go with country style ribs, followed closely by baby backs.



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I voted baby backs, although in reality the ribs I usually cook are loin backs.

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St. Louis ribs for me [although beef ribs are no. 1 as far as all types of ribs].  We have some great sales on pork ribs right now.  2.49 lb. on St. Louis ribs and 2.99 lb. on baby back ribs.  Reinhard

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My Favorite is Beef Ribs, followed by full Pork Spares (Not St Louis cut).




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Spare ribs. BUT it is a great day if I can have a smattering of a few beefs along with them. 

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