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Smoking a frozen butt

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I had a 10lb pork butt (vacuum sealed) I was planning to smoke, but had to throw it in the deep freeze due to having to go out of town to a funeral. When I put it in the freezer, there was 1 day left to the use by date. I searched and saw people recommending thawing it in the refrigerator prior to smoking it, but if I do, am I in danger of going beyond that "use by" limit? So, I guess I'm asking, does that "use by" timer start back up once I start thawing?

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Thaw it and don't worry about the use by date.....I've gone well past those dates and never had a problem with pork or beef.....I did have some chicken go south on me once but that sat in the fridge too long. You'll be fine.....

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Yep , just thaw and Smoke :biggrin:

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The use by date is a use it or freeze by that date. I've had pork and beef last a long time in my deep freezer. Just thaw it and do what you do and enjoy.
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Since you vac packed it, you can put the package in a container with cold water and put it in the fridge to thaw it. Just change the water every 6 to 8 hours or so and it will thaw a lot quicker.
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