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First Smoke - Rainbow Trout & Coho Salmon

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It was last fall that a friend of mine that I fish with gave me a peice of trout that he had smoked...I was in love instantly and knew that I had to give smoking fish a try.

I used his recipe and instructions and just wanted to share my experience here. This first smoke opened up a new world to me and I am already looking into buy a smoker and upping my bbq game.

I borrowed a bradley digital electrical smoker from a frFirst Smokeiend to avoid the cost of purchasing a smoker right away. The trout were cleaned and cut into peices and then frozen until I did the smoking. After thawing I placed the fillets into a brine consisting of roughly 2.5 gallons of water, a cup of salt, cup of sugar and cup of mollases. I was instructed to taste the brine to be sure I could taste all three ingredients. I added another half cup of sugar.

I brined the two steelhead and one small coho salmon for twenty four hours covered in the cool basement. I removed the fillets from the brine, washed them off with cold water and placed them out to dry. Once the fish was sticky to the touch I placed them into the smoker. I did a ten hour smoke at 130-150f using alder for the first 8 hours and then two hours of apple. I removed the fish from the smoker, let them cool and then refrigerated over night. I have eaten a fair bit myself and it is very close to my friends. The people who I have shared the fish with are floored and cannot get enough. A few of my friends have been fishing and smoking fish for thirty plus years and said it was the best they had ever had.

I am pondering buying a smokey mountain smoker in the near future and start learning to smoke and bbq more then just fish. The preparation and entire process intrigues me and it is something I can see myself enjoying.

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Nice looking Fish



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 Corey, welcome to your new addiction! Your fish look great Looking forward to your next adventure and Q-view 



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Nice looking Fish



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Thanks guys!

After eight hours I tried a small hunk and found it tasty, nice and smokey moist and flavour full...but wanted to let it go longer to dry out a bit more. My friend does a lower temp smoke for twenty four hours and his smoked fish is almost like a jerky. I am happy with my first helps to have been instructed by a seasoned smoking vet. It will be fall before I am catching steelhead and salmon again but in the mean time I will be looking to smoke lots of pork and chicken.

I have been looking at an 18.5 weber smokey mountain smoker...brand new after tax $405 seems to be the smoker everyone recommends for those starting.
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Great looking smoke and a nice beverage at that!!  :welcome1: to SMF you will find a lot of cool stuff and people here. Good luck on your next smoking adventure


A full smoker is a happy smoker



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Good looking fish!



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Not Fair Corey!!!

You got an Awesome place to get great fish to smoke!!

I'm sure you'll be smoking a lot of it after this coming Fall !!


Where about in Ontario are you?


And Welcome to SMF !!



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Looks like me smoking with a can of keystone light haha nice lookin fish
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Nice job Corey.  Nuttin like smoked Salmon

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