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Second time doing a brisket

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After failing on my first attempt at a brisket a few years ago, I had the urge to try another one. So I picked up a 6.5 lb flat the other day and rubbed it with a generic rub for beef last night. This morning I got the WSM fired up and threw the brisket on with some split chicken breasts with a jerk rub. I have hickory and red oak in for the wood. This is also the first time I'm smoking without my Maverick thermometer, Left it at a friends house 200 miles away. But I have some instant read therms. So wish me luck. So far its been on the WSM for 2 hrs. Trying to maintain a smoke temp of 225 off of the lid thermometer. As I think the upper rack temp should be about 10-15 higher than what the lid shows. Does make sense or am I wrong on that one. 


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Don't worry about the temp difference on the lid therm.  Meat will smoke/cook at just about any temp so it is relative.  I know we all want accuracy but bottom line use what you got and manage temps according to your lid therm.  Chances are the lid is reading lower than the grate if you had your Maverick so you are fine.    Your timing may be different, but I rarely use timing on larger cuts of meat anyway, preferring IT and probe tests. 


There are lots of folks who never get a Maverick, just use their lid therm, and still create great Q.  They learn to use it as an indicator and develop their timing of what it tells them. 


You're doing it old school, like everyone did it before the digitals came along!

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after six hours the IT was 160. 



This is after 9 hours, IT was 190. Now wrapped and resting in a cooler. I guess I will find out after the two hour rest on how it turned out. Will put up a final pic of it sliced. 

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DP, looks good, hope you are happy with the results !

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And the finished product. All I can say is wow, finally got a brisket done well. 

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Congrats! Uu dohn need no steekeen Mavwick!!!!
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Nice Job,  You done good !!!    points1.png




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Yes sir. Looks great. Points
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I agree it looks great,spare a sammie? Now your upset you waited so long to try again right? Well now buy yourself a packer do some burnt ends and enjoy the brisket all week,drool.gif
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Looks terrific!




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Way to goo Doc , nice Brisky . Now did you write down your procedures in your BBQ Log Book :icon_question: Tsc ,tsc,tsc. . . 

shame , now you'll have to start all over . . .:ROTF.


What were you cooking on , WMS :icon_question:  Good show . Now go get your official BBQ Log Book , a full Packer Brisky


and have fun , and as your at it , have a wonderful Memorial Day . Be safe , have fun and  . . . 

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