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I had a busy ,but fruitful, day yesterday. I had bought a couple nice big sparerib racks to throw on early eat for lunch and then go fishing or something in the afternoon. But I had my parents drop by to see the grand kids and they brought 10 lbs of lean ground for jerkey (my dad likes it) 6 lbs of lean flank steak already sliced 1/4" thick for more jerkey and a 5 lb brisket flat (they had overheard that I wanted to try one). So the jerkey immediately got soaking in some marinade. The ground mixed up with seasoning and I rubbed up the ribs and the brisket and threw it all in fridge overnight. Definitely not gonna make it out for fishing. I got up early sun morning and started the smoker. I used my rib rub on everything because I didn't really have time to whip up a new one, plus I wanted to try it on beef anyways. (Oh ya there was a couple of racks of beef ribs they dropped off as well) the smoker was packed! It went a little slow, probably because there was a ton of meat in there. But the ribs were done just after lunch and they were delicious as usual the beef ribs were a little over done I think not a lot of meat on them. But they were still good. The brisket took most of the rest of the day. I pulled it when it got to 195 foil and towel wrapped it for 2 hours. I was pretty pleased for my first one. It wasn't super moist but it was soft. You could cut it with a fork and when I sauced it up it was delicious. Especially with a couple cold brews! here it is all jammed in!
I'm just a rookie I've only been smoking for about 3 months but I am definately hooked. I'd like to hear your comments good or bad. I fired up the dehydrator mid day and started all the jerkey. It took until almost midnight to finish. But it is super tasty!
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That's a lot to smoke, it all looks tasty!
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Some of the pics didn't work. Not sure why

[IMG] ntent/type/61/id/395877/width/200/height/400[/IMG]
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I apologize for the pics, I just looked at them, that is really hard on the eyes with that foil in the background.  Ill try for better ones next time.

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It's all good! Everything looks like it turned out great...nicely done! icon14.gif

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