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First smoke on new smoker - QVIEW

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After introducing myself a few weeks ago here, I fired my new rig up for the first time with some chicken breast, wings, legs, & scalloped potatoes.  I have been super busy so I am just getting around to posting.  I used hickory wood with some B&B hickory lump charcoal to start the party off.  Smoked the chicken in the upright at around 250ish for 2 hours or so (internal temps to about 160).  Afterward, I wrapped them in aluminum foil for 30 minutes or so (until the wfe came home from work)  The scallops I smoked in the main compartment for about 45 minutes at 400ish.  Everything came out pretty good.  One of my breast came out dryer than the other but the flavor was good.  The legs were spot on and the wings were juicy.  Well enough talking.....


Rubbed down the night before with a recipe I got from a friend.  Removed the skin from the breasts, and legs.  My wife mostly likes wings so a little less rub for her to make her happy....


The rig during the seasoning.  Since then, I sealed a little better with some BGE gaskets on the upright doors and main chamber lid.

about ready.....

Scallops done....


Time to see how I did....


I'm still learning so any tips, criticism, idea, or "YOU SUCK" are welcomed.  I started with the breast meat side down and after about an hour, I flipped them so I think that may have contributed to the dryness.  Next time, I will keep them bone side down the entire time.  I just bought a couple of pork rib racks so going to try my hand for the first time.

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I haven't met you yet , welcome to the Forum. I am Stan , your moderator for this part of our Space .


You have some really nice looking Chicken , and the Taters look great also.


I see you use some Charcoal , (I'm not a fan of the stuff) why not all wood :confused: , I believe one gets a better taste on your goods.  Just curious :icon_question: 


You have an offset similar to mine . I love it and get some good "Q" out of her

 she's in her Q-Bana here.


 a better look.


Have fun with your Smoker . Oh,Yes , has she a name :icon_question:


Treat her well and . . .

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Thanks!!  Nice setup you have.  I haven't named her yet   Do you have issues with getting heat from the firebox over to the upright?  I have a hard time getting it over 250 whereas my main chamber gets as high as 500+.  It has a damper on bottom/back of the upright and the 2 stacks on the top.  I usually close off the stack on the main when I smoke in hopes to get a better pull over to the upright.  I also sealed the doors and lid which seemed to help even the temps out a little better.  

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