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Hello everyone! Just found this awesome sight! From Mason City area, looking forward to being able to smoke without shoveling a path to the smoker first!

Welcome to the site and group!

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From Davenport, Ia

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Thanks for the add.  I am a little late at responding.  I am an Iowa farm boy at heart, even though the military moved me around a bit and deposited me in Papillion, NE.  Got a recipe of Joe Bant Polish Sausage in the Smoker right now.  My primary unit is a Cabela's Smokehouse Pro 100, back up is a Bradley 6-rack digital (my first and last one from them), plus I just picked up a Cabela's Propane smoker that I have yet to play with.  I try to get home as often as possible, family is dispersed throughout Polk, Marion, Lucas, and Marion County for the most part.

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Hey, I'm a welding instructor that loves to fabricate different projects. I've done a few grill and smokers over the years and have used this site for a lot of reference material. I have all my students build a small "tailgate" size grill as one of their project and two years ago made myself a clone of a "Stumps" gravity feed unit" with a custom built PID Controller for the fan.
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Well, here is my short.


I've been on the SMF as a registered member for some time. I don't chat much and when I smoke /grind and make sausage (summer, spice sticks, and breakfast or grind hamburger, brats and others) I usually miss the photo op! There are a life long worth of success and failure lessons to be had on this forums! Love to cook, Dutch oven, Weber grill and smoke.


I did not see this added sub forum untill now.

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Haven't  been on here much the last few years, but still smoke'n east of Ames...

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Wholey smoked brisket, look what the wind blew in! :grilling_smilie:

How ya been?:wazzapp: 

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been very busy, other hobbys got in the way.. Gonna get after it harder this year, just ordered some cure, gonna do a bunch of bacon soon

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Were you look'in for pink #1? I've got more than enough.

What other hobbies are ya into. Still goose and duck'in?

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ya, still fowl'n hard, I started a High School clay shooting team in 2015, that consumes my life... Work hasnt helped either, love my job, but get called in alot.  I ordered pink salt from sausage maker, got a friend that does jerky's, very good, but he has no idea what he's doing. I'm gonna give him some pink salt, and a little help, he makes some very interesting jerky's , no kit mixes. I plan to give him a bunch of geese to work with. 

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