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Stick burners - oak?

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I've heard of people using oak as a general wood fuel, but what I haven't determined is whether they're using WHITE or RED oak.  Any thoughts?  I've got a new pit that'll handle a 15" split and would like the option of burning wood..., oak is the easiest to find but most of what I see is red.


Appreciate any thoughts,



P.S.  Been gone from here a while, but been smoking all the while!

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Hello.  The short answer is: Yes.  Either will work fine.  Keep Smokin!


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Oak is my preferred wood on my side firebox smoker. Red or white.
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To my taste, oak smoke is a bit strong, but it's my favorite wood for good, long-lasting embers. Once I have a bed of those, I can another wood for fragrance.

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My pit will handle 18" split. However it don't work well with the longer wood so I cut them down 10" - 12" and split them pretty small. I get a lot less smoke and can reach the TBS we all love using to smaller chunks.
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Yes, any Oak is good .

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oak both red and white will work fine make shure it is properly seasond mixes well with cherry and hickorybluesbros.gif

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